FLYRADAR 24 – Live Flight Tracker

Flyradar24 is a map of flights on which we will see several thousand planes in the air.

By clicking on the chosen aircraft, the flight radar monitors the flight and keeps track of a lot of information about a given flight and aircraft. Passenger, cargo and military aircraft, if they have the ADS-B system on, Flyradar can be watched live in real time 24 hours a day. Check where it is now and when the plane will land.

We will check the flight parameters such as the altitude and speed of the flying aircraft, information about the airline and the carrier, and the registration number of the aircraft.

Airplanes over Poland on the flight radar are the default view. Of course, you can change the country by moving the radar map in any direction and zoom in and out of the map view.
On the Flyradar24 map you can read the flight status, ie the time of arrivals and departures from the airport, punctuality, delays and canceled flight.

Control flight parameters, position on the map and route to Flyradar.

Flyradar is a real-time flight tracker.

You can feel like a pilot controlling various flight parameters. You can turn on the view from the cockpit of the plane, we have a view of the Google satellite map and the current flight of the selected aircraft from the map of flights.

Flight Tracker
Flight Tracker

Each plane from the Fly Radar map has a gallery of photos taken by the best photographers and carefully selected by screeners. Clicking on the picture of the plane on Fly Radar will open several photos taken during the flight or at the airport. Often you can meet very interesting painting aircraft, colorful and fairy-tale patterns that need to be tracked by running radar flights on our device.

A glowing version with even more data about airplanes and the route of your trip can be found on the source website flightradar24. For domestic purposes, just the basic version of Fly Radar, which you can run freely on any device, smartphone and computer. From now on you have a handy flight radar thanks to the fligth radar community that provides data, including the position of the aircraft in the sky.

On the Flyradar 24 map you will find rare airplanes and helicopters.

Unique planes are searchable on the air radar. Less popular models, older planes with a large resumption or mileage that are slowly leaving the service such as McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Tupolev Tu-154, Iljuszyn Il-62, Boeing 707. Some older passenger planes are modified and converted into transport planes that can fly over the next years.


Most aircraft on Fly Radar are Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. These are the two most popular airplanes that you will find on the air radar. The largest planes on Fly Radar are Airbus A380 and transport Antonov An-225 Mrija which transports large-size loads, eg helicopters or tanks.

Flyradar is also a fun and hobby of many aviation enthusiasts.

Flyradar 24

Once more people can be found around airports and airport fences. They are planespotters, ie people photographing all aircraft from airplanes to helicopters and airport operations at the airport. It is a way to spend free time, sometimes you can observe whole families observing planes.
Keeping track of flights on the Flyradar saves time, eg when there is a break in arrivals and departures, we can then go to another observation point at the airport. Some airports have special spotters platforms that allow for even better observation of airplanes. We go up the stairs to the spotters platform and then we have a view of the entire airport plate, the view does not obscure the fence.

The observation terraces are a real treat for aircraft observers. A large part of the airports has observation terraces on which we meet aviation enthusiasts with all equipment, i.e. Fly Radar launched in the phone, a radio scanner with an air band to listen to communication between the flight control tower (ATC) and aircraft pilots. In addition, binoculars, SLRs with a whole arsenal of lenses and telephoto lenses, and a sun hat. ? Tracing aircraft on the radar of flights by Flyradar becomes an obligatory activity for such people.

The best airports for observing aircraft in Europe.

Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) in the Netherlands, Frankfurt (FRA) in Germany, London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in the United Kingdom. There are many places for observing aircraft, for several star belts, and the aircraft movement is carried out without interruption. In Amsterdam there are special parking lots designed for planespotters and even food booths. We will see more beautiful planes of the world as well as rare machines such as the Airbus A300-600ST Beluga that you need to look for at Fly Radar in order not to miss.

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Aviation is growing from year to year. Flying with planes is often cheaper than traveling by coach or train. The network of air connections is more and more impressive. Anyway, you can see what thickening prevails on the Fly Radar map where we have hundreds of aircraft. Each machine flies a well-defined route in a proper separation from other aircraft. GPS and ADS-B systems will not allow any collision. Air traffic control ensures us a safe flight. Flight controllers (Air Traffic Controllers) track aircraft on an air radar 24 hours a day and communicate with the pilot in case of danger. It all makes flying the safest form of travel. Flight disasters are relatively rare. The autopilot supports most flights and landings. The ILS homing system mounted at airports reduces aircraft safely to the ground even in dense fog.
The development of aviation means that pilots are beginning to miss out, airlines are starting to buy pilots. The profession of the pilot is forward-looking, however, training on a linear ATPL pilot is already an expense of several dozen thousand, which you have to finance yourself.

Flight radar and plane tracking live at Flyradar.

Flight radar is useful when on vacation. Share Flyradar flight tracking with your friends. Perhaps you will give them a new hobby, which is observation of aircraft on the radar of flights. You are on holiday with family or friends, flew cheap airlines Ryanair or Wizz Air to work – remember about Fly Radar who will inform you about each flight to a specific place and city. The whole world is visible on the radar of flights, the more you give away the map the more aircraft you see on Fly Radar. You can also zoom in to the selected airport and see how the plane moves around the airport apron and on the runway. Air radar sometimes monitors ground handling vehicles such as tractors, escalators, cisterns, airport buses.

Radar of aircraft flights.

On clear days, looking at the sky, you will be able to trace practically every visible plane and all information and flight data. Probably sitting on the garden or balcony or walking around the city from now you’ll be looking at the sky with the smartphone radar turned on. Whenever you hear the sound of a jet engine or you see condensation trails in the sky, you’ll start a flight radar and start tracking aircraft.

Warning! Keeping track of flights on Fly Radar becomes an addiction and a very nice hobby. You can infect your children and loved ones with a passion for observing aircraft.

How to find a plane. Map of flight radar – source: